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In the present times, computers are a must for everybody. In fact, nothing is possible without computers today. In fact, everybody needs to know computer for his or her daily activities. There are a wide variety of activities that are performed by computers. For this purpose, there are a range of computer accessories or peripherals that are manufactured by the various multinational giants.

Among them, printer is one such device that has a very important role in our daily routines or schedules. Printers allow the user to take out the hard copy or printed version of the documents, images etc. With printouts one need not be on computer for any information. He or she can take the printed version of the documents and images and use them as and when required. These print outs are taken on a variety of special papers which include glossy papers for high and shiny pictures quality. The highly advanced printers produce clear documents and images of amazing class.

Printers are of different types such as Laser printers, Compact Photo printers, Bubble Jet printers and Multi functional printers. The various companies manufacture printers include HP, Canon, Epson, Fujitsu etc. Printers from these multinationals are known for their sophisticated and finest quality production of documents and images.

Therefore, while buying a printer, one must buy printers with high ppm. The printers print documents and images on different papers sizes. Earlier printers were black and white but with progress in technology colour printers are in vogue. With the advent of high technology and increased usage, the price tag of printers have come down. As a result, cheap printers are available in the market from the highly reputed international printer companies. There are lucrative offers and gifts available with printers. These deals make printers all the more attractive. Printers from big guns such as Canon, HP, Lexmark, Ricoh among a lot of others. With time printers have become more and more compact.