Multifunction Laser Printers

The multifunction laser printers can be perfect for the small or home office. Having one printer that can be able to print, fax, scan, and copy with a great space and money saver. But if you require high-resolution scanning or advanced faxing qualities, choose your multifunction laser printer carefully.

The cost of the memory card is very high that means when it comes to faxing, printing, or copying files, a lack of memory is really obvious. While 8 MB of memory might be sufficient for home office or small office use, if you frequently work with large files or will have multi-users you should only consider multifunction laser printers that have at least 16 MB and more is better for this type of use.

The higher the dots per inch, the higher in image quality you will get. The standard resolution of 600×600 will be sufficient for most printing, except from photo quality. You should also keep special concentration to the scanner resolution, as scanner resolutions for many multifunction laser printers are often low. The optimal ones and interpolated ones have huge difference in quality of resolution.

Give a look towards the fax or the modem speed. Most multifunction laser printers contain faxing functionality and also contain modem of 33 kbps that means the printer’s faxing function works very quickly and also saves your money. Do not go with one that has lower capacity of memory. Pay attention to the fax features carefully. If you want a laser printer with faxing, broadcasting and group dialing then you have to check before purchasing the printer because many printers don’t contain these features.

In addition, select a multifunction laser printer which contains an automatic document feeder of up to 50 sheets and test before you purchase from store.

Read the terms and see how it measures up when you run it. Test each task individually to ensure that the printer you have chosen will meet all of your business’s needs.

You have to look after the speed of the multifunction laser printer while going for it. A lot of lower end multifunction laser printers are just plain slow when it comes to print and copy speeds – especially if we are talking about color. You can find very fast laser printers that you can afford. When you are in the middle of a job, you will certainly notice the difference between the speeds of the printers as some can be able to print 30 pages instead of 12 pages per minute.