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Is Copier Lease Good for Personal Use?

Copier machines and printers are essential for office use. But it is a bigtime expense for business owners to own one. Suppose your business needs a vast printing production. In that case, you need to purchase or even lease a copier for your convenience. We know that buying copiers right away can be a burden to your budget. So, a copier lease is always an excellent option for those who are cutting their capital. But how about small businesses and individual users? Is it advisable for them to do a copier lease? How risky is it? 

How much capital do you need to lease a copier? 

The cost of a copier lease depends on its price, PPM, features, model, and manufacturer. Other factors are affecting the cost of the lease. These are the repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and how long you will pay the lease. Of course, prolonged months can cause you higher payments. The following are estimated prices of copier leasing depending on the volume of printouts. 

Small copiers

  • The price range starts from $30 – $80 per month
  • Less than 5000 pages per month
  • Maintenance and repair services are optional/separate from the hardware lease

Average Volume Copiers

  • The price range starts from $100 – $200 per month
  • 10,000 – 20,000 prints per month
  • With limited maintenance and repair services inclusions

High-end Copiers

  • Price ranges from $400 – $1000+ per month
  • With a printout of 50,000 – 90,000 pages per month
  • With maintenance and repair services inclusions


  • Naturally, small copiers range from $30 to $80. This copier is supposed to print at least 3000 to 5000 pages per month. Let’s say you leased a copier for $50. After a month, you have done 5000 pages, multiply it by $0.02/page. You will accumulate a total of $100 for a month. (Assuming that the copier didn’t face any problem.) You gained more than half the price of your copier lease. However, a $50 lease sometimes doesn’t include copier leasing services like repairs and maintenance. Meaning, you will buy your resources on your own and outsource workers for other companies. Come to think of it. Other expenses are on you. But it is still a win-win situation if you’re using the copier for personal use only. 
  • If you’re onto choosing average or high-end copiers, you can do so if you have lots of money to spend. It’s costly, but high-end copiers can satisfy your printing needs on the brighter side if you want clearer and quality printouts. (Even a colored one) You can lease a copier for a certain period if you have upcoming events needing a considerable amount of printing. High-end copiers may seem to occupy so much space. Yet, it can accommodate various paper sizes and can handle high print volumes. This set of copiers also includes services in case something went wrong on the machine. Technical support is free and supported by the leasing company. 


If you’re going to lease a copier for individual use, it is okay. You can choose a smaller copier, but sometimes it’s risky. Small copiers do their job smoothly for a little amount of printing. Yet, it is not advisable to get a copier if you expect a significant number of print outs every month. Your copier will quickly break down. It will cost you more for its repairs than gaining from it. Although smaller copiers are cheaper, it will only do the job it is intended for. 

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Tips: If you’re an individual looking for a perfect copier leasing in Jacksonville, make sure to take down a list of requirements for your machine. A budget-friendly copier leasing service in Jacksonville offers a bundle of services and solutions. List down at least the average printing volume needed, color output, how long you need the machine, and others. With this, sales representatives can quickly determine the perfect copier for you.