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Prevent Office Equipment Hazard; Here’s How

The number of work-related injuries and health issues involving office workers is greatly increasing with each passing year. Yes, you read it correctly. You might think that you can be completely safe while working inside an air-conditioned office, but risk is about everywhere these days.

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Technology is working doubly hard to bring new equipment for the purpose of improving the work conditions of office employees. Little did it know that along with it came a string of hazards each time. Let us take a look at some of the office equipment hazards in the office and know how to avoid them.

Safety hazards in the old days

When office equipments were still simple, you will only receive one safety reminder. Be careful of your tie. Wearing ties in the early days have brought risks to their users. In fact, they have to be mindful about it all the time- stay away from the moving parts of any machine. Ties easily get stuck into a machine that often results to the user getting sucked in. In a few cases, serious troubles followed after.

Today’s safety hazards

Technological evolution has brought more than just “tie” troubles for today’s office workers. Modern technology introduced more risks; from using huge machines to tiny, simple ones.  Always keep in mind that if a certain task involves getting into any equipment, fixing used plotters leased from outside for instance, let the professionals handle it. Recently, being careful means watching out for you tie and keeping your hands off the machine. When something goes wrong with your photocopier or printer, avoid doing a DIY procedure. A paper jam may look so easy to fix on your own, but it can be really risky.

Remember, accidents can happen in a blink. One minute you are reaching inside to take out the jammed paper, the next minute your hand gets stuck in the printer. Both circumstances could result to serious damages to both you and the machine. Also, some office equipments have sharp parts. You will be lucky if you only receive scratches from them. You could end up looking at deep bad cuts which may need stitches from the clinic.

Also, never try to reach anything inside the printer when it is still running. You could end up either getting your fingers clamped down or the skin burned with the hot fuser rollers. If you really want to reach something inside the machine, make sure to unplug it completely. Electrical shock, by the way, is seriously life threatening.

Avoiding the work hazards

Apart from the safety measures mentioned, it is also best to have a team who is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all office equipment. The IT team can take care of doing the workarounds for some of the common issues. If repairs are necessary, contact the used plotters lease professionals to do it for you. Always, identify work hazards and discuss a list of workarounds.