You are currently viewing 4 Productivity Copier Apps To Make Work Easier, Faster

4 Productivity Copier Apps To Make Work Easier, Faster

Productivity Copier Apps that Make Work and Business Easier

Different factors affect productivity at the office. Even if your business is home-based or if you are working from home, your efficiency is highly affected by a lot of things that you can find in your home or office. One of the things that greatly impact how you perform at work is the kind of office equipment that you have. If you have obsolete office equipment such as printers or copier machines, you may say goodbye to getting things done in the soonest possible time. However, if you have updated machines that are controlled with mobile apps, you can say hello to more productive work time. Here’s a rundown of various productivity copier apps that could literally make life at the office easier for you and your staff.

SharePoint Connector

For those who are fans of Microsoft applications, then Share Point Connector may be the right app for you. This allows the integrations between the app and the Microsoft SharePoint system, which gives you unbridled access in the SharePoint server. This isn’t the only thing that can be done and you can also scan and print, as well as create new folders without any hassle from SharePoint.  Microsoft users no longer need to worry as the connection between SharePoint and the server is flawless.

Cryptek App

If your organization is security conscious, then Cryptek is the right app for you. This application perfectly suits those offices that handle sensitive data or those who have their own security concerns. This app will give the additional security if you are concerned with keeping unauthorized users out. While you keep “intruders” out of your copier system, you are also saving considering that your machine will not cater to unauthorized access. Hence, the cost remains under control. To use Cryptek, you need to have a smartcard and swipe it to gain access to the system. You could also use a pin code to access the copier’s features. Some organizations that will highly benefit from Cryptek include medical facilities and government agencies.

Centra Q Pro

Those who are primarily concerned about costs may have to look into the Centra Q Pro. This app is the perfect partner of the budget officer considering that it can provide administrators with detailed reporting, which would show the overall usage of every copier. Admins no longer have to guess as everything is laid down in black and white. The app has advanced reporting capabilities and has a highly efficient tracking system. Access restriction to the various functions of the copier can be controlled, thus, administrators will be able to better manage the costs. One does not even need to purchase a copier but could go for copier lease Buffalo. Leasing the copier plus getting an app to control its functionalities will be a good addition to any office.

Google Connector

With many office communications being done via email, having the Google Connector around surely comes in handy. With the Connector installed, users will be able to access their emails right from the copier. Time is saved as there is no longer a need to open your email from your computer, but you simply need to access it through the copier and print any file that you many need. The functionalities are endless as you can also read messages, view calendar of events or compose or send emails.

These productivity copier apps greatly contribute to making work more efficient. All functionalities that you need are at your fingertips. Employees no longer have to deal with crazy copier functions. All that they have to do is to access the copier app and they can work with utmost efficiency. Thus, administrators would have a stress-free work week every time. 

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