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Copiers Can Do Overwork

If you are planning on purchasing or at least leasing a copier, printer, or multifunction device, you are likely wondering if you should go with a copier or inkjet. 

Inkjet copiers use liquid ink on pages to replicate documents. They are smaller machines, and their cartridges have low output rates, thus making the cost per page very high, plus they are often slow. Laser copiers, on the other hand, use the electrostatic digital printing process, where dry ink powder is heated up to replicate documents. They produce faster, higher-quality documents, and they are great business machines. Although they are more expensive, they still get the work done. 

Since inkjet is cheaper, it is tempting to go purchase it, but the price is not the only thing that you need to consider. The durability of the machine and the increase in productivity in the workplace is also very important. 

Inkjet is cheaper than copiers because they are usually smaller machines, and they are designed for desktop or home-office use. Although an important consideration, the cost is not the whole picture. Inkjet printers cost more per page because their cartridges are smaller, and they tend to need replacement more often. This is the main reason why they are not cost-effective, unlike copiers. Copiers cost way less per page, they also have additional maintenance costs because you need to replace the fusers, but they are still more cost-effective than inkjets.


Copiers Can Do Overwork

Copiers are faster than inkjets, with the most basic one producing at least 20 pages per minute. Compared to inkjets, which start at 6 pages per minute. While speed may not be as important, it can still make a huge difference in how long people gather around communal printers and copiers, waiting for the documents. 

In the quality competition, inkjets cannot compete with advanced copiers. Inkjets are less precise as they use a spray and dry mechanism, like laser and digital relying on a more exact ink powder and heat fusion method. In lower-quality machines, some inkjet printers can give more subtle colour gradation than laser, but if you are looking for a machine for your business, then this is not the base. Copiers are more reliable than inkjets because they can outlast them. Inkjets can’t be overworked, or else they will overheat, and you will need to call maintenance to fix them. 

For business printing, copiers are usually the best bet. To be able to determine the best machines for your business, you need to be able to select from all of the best options across multiple manufacturers. If the initial cost is your concern, you can always lease a copier so that it can help your overall costs. You can also work with someone who understands the different manufacturers and copiers and who can help you make the most strategic choice. 

In the end, inkjets and copiers both perform the same task, but they perform them using a different processes. Even though they have similarities in the imaging process, how the documents end up on paper is different. The initial and per-page costs vary, too, so knowing the difference between these coping methods can help you choose the correct option for your situation.

On a cost-per-page basis, the copier handily beats inkjets. Typical toner-based systems can cost as little as a penny per printed page, while inkjet copiers can vary from two to five cents per page. Copiers are geared toward high volume and cost over time; however, the upfront costs are staggering when compared to inkjets. 

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In short, copiers are geared towards high-production, high-use environments and can contribute to office productivity, whereas inkjets are more suited to a casual user or an office that needs to copy documents occasionally.