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HP Color Laserjet CM6040 MFP Review: The Most Comprehensive Security Feature

Are you in the market for a printer and copier Jacksonville providers? Are you looking at a particular printer with precise details that meet your personal and business needs? If you are looking for a multifunctional printer that is designed for the use of a large group, then the HP Color LaserJet CM 6040 MFP might be what you need. With comes with a comprehensive security feature that allows you to produce documents without making the file available to anyone who doesn’t have the access.

Speed, quality and usability – these are the three things that may this particular printer worth looking into. Although it is big and a bit bulky, its total package is not about all that weight. It is about all the work that it could do for you with little to no supervision needed. The machine is specially designed for large groups or even a small department with several people who will use it. A color-laser, duplex and multi-function basic, this can be considered a basic printer that the office needs and yet it offers more.

HP Color Laserjet

Why buy the HP Color LaserJet CM 6040 MFP?

There are so many good reasons why this printer is worth the investment you are putting on it when you decide to buy it. Here are some of them in a list:

  • It comes with a widescreen touch display that allows you to see all the functions that it comes with. It is designed to be simple and very easy to understand. It uses icons that are easy to familiarize and a logically designed menu that makes it easy for you to find everything you need. A nice touch to it is the fact that you can easily change the language, which can prove to be very useful for globally competitive companies.
  • HP Color LaserJet CM 6040 MFP comes with expandable trays, staplers and all the finishers you need to get the job done. The machine can grow with the changes in the company if the demands of the job changes. It is a multifunctional printer that very well serves its purpose. It can work on its own while the other staff could work at doing something else. There is nothing more efficient than that.
  • Did you know that it comes with a customizable including the software that it comes with? The system administrator could set up a different access point for every individual that will use the printer. Such privileges could also be set for various applications too. In that way, nobody could access the files that they don’t have the right to.
  • The printer can also print papers from A5 to A3 range in the two 500 sheet paper trays. And then there is a 150 sheet tray that could go down to printer the A6. It is easy to use as you can put the paper on the output tray directly beneath the scanner and that’s all. You can add finishing options, though. A transfer unit below shifts the pages across the device to allow you to achieve the paper stacking that you want.

Is the HP Color LaserJet CM 6040 MFP worth buying?

It is an investment. There is no doubt that it could make the office work more efficiently, with all the documents printed when they should be. The machine can be expanded in various trays to allow the sorting of the papers to be done on its own. If you are shopping for a printer and copier Jacksonville machine that is worth the money, this is the one to get!

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