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How Much Does a Lexmark Copy Machine Cost?

Lexmark is one of the biggest suppliers of their own designed and manufactured computer printing equipment. Small enterprises in the 1980s rose to a major competition. With the prospect of maintaining International Machines Corporation’s (IBM) competitiveness, Lexmark was conceived.

Lexmark was a leading brand when it came to producing monochrome, colored, inkjet and laser printers, etc. It has then partnered with Dell, Inc. and is able to market the products in 150 countries. 

If you plan to purchase their copy machine or a multifunction printer, make sure to be knowledgeable enough to express openly what are your expectations that they should meet.

These are one of the things you should consider in purchasing yours. You must be well-aware of the working group numbers that would work on the multifunction printer. Your office requirements would put the multifunction printer through the test of time. This is why you should also note the speed (pages per minute) of the printer to match your employee’s work productivity.

But how much does a Lexmark copy machine cost? This would vary depending upon the needs of your company. A different feature would of course, set the price on a different scale.

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Lexmark provides you an option between small, medium-sized and large workgroups. They lease their copy machines at an average range of 12-400 dollars monthly. Obviously, the copy machines for smaller workgroups would be cheaper but it still depends on the additional features you want your copy machines to have.

For Small Workgroups

The line of multifunctional printers here can be used by a workgroup not exceeding 10 people. These multifunction printers can get you to print in colors, black and white with the ability to fit in small spaces. The average speed for these copy machines and multifunction printers are 26-44 pages per minute with a total volume of 3,000 outputs per month.

An example of this is the Lexmark XC4143 which is a multifunction printer. It has a feature of duplex printing and with the speed of up to 40 pages per minute. This may cost up to $150.

For Medium-Sized Workgroups

The line-up for this workgroup of copy machines and multifunction printers can be used by employees with a number not exceeding 20 persons. Due to the larger number of people, the copy machines and MFPs can print at a faster rate than the smaller ones covering 36-50 pages per minute with a volume of 3,000-6,000 print pages in a month.

An example of this is the Lexmark XC6163DE that can cost up to $250 varying on specific add-ons and features.

For Large Workgroups

These copy machines and multifunction printers are best for teams with at least 20 people working in it. It also operates on high speeds for as much as printing 70 pages per minute, built specifically for heavy duty work. This can also produce more than 6000 print outputs on a monthly basis. You may also ask for additional features to increase productivity more than it initially can provide. An example of this is the Lexmark XC8163 which offers a price range up to $400. 

Choosing a printer is not that hard when you already know what you need. This is why evaluation is one of the important steps you have to take in order to make sure that the purchased printer would not go to waste.


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