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What Type of Paper Should Be Used in The Photocopier?

People who use photocopiers more often should invest time in knowing the right paper to use. The right paper to be used in the copier is a major component that defines the overall quality of documents they print. Paper quality is crucial, so you should also pay close attention to this when choosing the right paper for your photocopying machine.  

Revealing the Best Papers to Be Used in the Photocopier

Photocopiers are electronic machines capable of making copies of documents and images. These machines were once single-use, but they are available with multifunction features nowadays. Enterprise-grade photocopiers are also available and these are properly networked to carry out multiple functions. 

Choosing the right paper for a copier is one of the crucial elements that machine owners should pay close attention to. Making choices can influence numerous aspects of final outputs or products and the overall quality, perception, and reproduction. Choose the wrong paper and destroy an otherwise excellent photocopying process. 

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There are numerous types of paper available for varied purposes. It only takes time doing your homework to find the best paper suited for your photocopier. People’s fantasies for paper are relegated to the real world. They’re sometimes left with no clear insights, ending with the wrong choice. Finding what paper should be used in a photocopier isn’t as tricky as it sounds. The following are the ideal types you can use. 

  • Regular or Everyday Paper 

Regardless of your purpose or business, you will need enough regular papers to address your day-to-day photocopying and printing needs. Most everyday letters, documents, and faxes will be printed on this type of paper. The thickness will somehow depend on the weight of the paper, which is often indicated on the package. An excellent regular or daily paper is acid-free. This means that they won’t break down or display discoloration even if stored for a long time. 

  • Photo Paper 

If your machine has a copier for photos, you might need papers different from everyday photocopy machine paper. You will need thicker photo paper can boost the quality of color. Copy paper has either a glossy or matte finish. 

Matte papers are more absorbent in nature and composed of air, paper particles, and ink attracting coating. The glossy paper on the other hand is known for its complex chemical composition designed to give the paper a glossy finish. This type of paper can be best used to copy and print images, not texts. 

Glossy papers offer more brilliant colors, while matte papers are more stable. Choosing between these two types of paper would still be a matter of personal preference, and every manufacturer produces a bit different finish. It would be best to test so you can find the right paper for you. 

  • Multipurpose Paper 

This type of paper is considered a suitable and economical option. This is ideal for copying and printing text-based documents in different sizes, from letters to legal sizes. You can buy multipurpose paper for higher quality if you’re considering some step up. 

Multipurpose paper or copy paper is indeed a perfect choice for text-only document printing, photocopying, and faxing. This paper is called as such because it’s a good choice for digital printers and copiers and ideal for daily use in office settings.

So, what’s really the best paper for a photocopier? The answer still depends on preferences and needs. If you’re working with papers most of the time, you might want to choose sturdy papers that feel nice and do not jam. Cost-effective papers are also good choices. 

The type of paper to be used matters, so know what paper is good enough for your photocopier. Aside from the kind of paper, there are essential factors that you also need to consider, such as texture and weight. 

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