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What is a Printer / Copier Service and Maintenance Agreement?

Many people have probably come across the term service maintenance agreement. However, not everyone is familiar with this or understands its core. Service and maintenance agreements generally offer routine maintenance, constant system hardware, software upgrades, and access to emergency repairs. Such an agreement makes you a top priority and also enables you to build a good relationship with your provider. But what about the printer or copier service and maintenance agreement? What does this mean? 

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What is Printer / Copier Service and Maintenance Agreement? 

This is a sort of insurance policy for printers and copiers. A printer or copier service and maintenance agreement pertains to the additional coverage you buy for the printer and copier you plan to lease. This agreement isn’t all about service, though. If your device malfunctions or breaks down, you have an expert service team that you can contact.

 A printer or copier service and maintenance agreement are also regularly about consumable replacements such as toner. This agreement was designed to be a reliable and hassle-free contract allowing you to focus on your office or business and not merely on your printer or copier. 

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a printer or copier service and maintenance agreement or contract is that you’re putting substantial responsibility for your device upkeep to your provider. In most instances, if your devices are not part of this agreement, problems like consistent paper jams are issues you must deal with on your own. 

What’s Included in A Printer or Copier Service and Maintenance Agreement? 

Like many other agreements, there’s always room for negotiation based on your needs. But there are common things included in every printer or copier service and maintenance agreement, such as: 

· Part replacements 

· materials and labor needed for service calls and repairs

· Toner supply 

· Regular maintenance of equipment 

Some agreements include other features such as staff training and a maximum number of copies or prints before charging some overcharges. Aside from inclusions, there are also exclusions and caveats to the agreement. For instance, if all parts are really covered or only under warranty. It would be best to ask and know the specifics. Moreover, this agreement sometimes doesn’t include consumables such as stapes and paper. Equipment problems that arise from things other than the ordinary, proper usage might not be covered either. 

Is Printer / Copier Service and Maintenance Agreement Right for You? 

This question is usually up to the owners of the devices to answer. 

However, you can be comfortable asking about the options offered by the provider. A good provider will not just sell copiers or printers but ensure that your business processes are well optimized and help your business grow. It would be best to find a provider that will help you accomplish these goals. 

All copiers and printers should be given proper maintenance and care to avoid mechanical failures and issues. Regular maintenance also helps in increasing productivity and allowing consistent quality prints. The same practices apply even to large printers and copiers to guarantee the machines’ longevity. 

In the long run, a printer and copier service and maintenance agreement does not just keep your devices up and running at their best. This agreement offers comprehensive service logs with details of specific maintenance of your office or business technology. 

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