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What Should You Not Do With a Photocopier?

Having a printing device makes an employee’s life more accessible, and they finish their work faster. With this in mind, when your printer experiences a bit of trouble, you should avoid doing certain things to keep your printer from getting repaired due to mishandling. Some suggestions on what you shouldn’t do when your printer is having trouble have been compiled below. Take your time reading them to avoid making the same mistake that could worsen your printer’s situation. These are some of the troubles usually encountered by those who have access to printers.

Paper Jams

This is a widespread problem in every business and anyone who owns a printer. If you experience this kind of trouble, remember to stop printing immediately. It would be best to stop pressing the print button/icon, thinking that you forgot to do that specific action. You can also try pulling out the jammed paper from where it has been jammed.

Don’t ever think of cutting them with scissors! You can also follow the instructions on troubleshooting this problem when the diagnostic pops up on your screen. You can also try changing your paper to the specified paper suggested by the service provider. This can reduce your problem when your papers get jammed on your printer.

Choose the Right Ink

Another thing is finding the correct ink cartridge for your printer. You may think that they are just the same, but you’ll find yourself facing a lot of troubles in the future if you don’t use the right one for your printer. You should always try to follow your service provider’s suggestions or instructions so that you can avoid these kinds of trouble when using your printer. You should always make sure that your ink matches the printer you are using rather than forcing your printer to use another type of ink.

Using the wrong ink cartridge can end up damaging your printer’s print heads or even the cartridge bays. You should also make sure to put the ink on their designated bay. If not, you’ll end up having a ruined document. You might need to do a cycle of complete cleaning to print again so that you won’t mess up the following document that needs printing. It won’t only be a hassle to clean, but you would also end up wasting expensive ink.

Anger Management

Sometimes when things don’t work out the way you want them to, you tend to get angry and throw it to whatever or whoever that caught your eye. You even manage to hit things to let out your frustrations. But getting angry won’t get you anywhere. So instead of getting mad, take a step away from things that might be angering you and close your eyes, then take a deep breath before letting it all out. Keep taking deep breaths until you feel that you have calmed down enough and don’t feel like hitting something or someone anymore.

These are just some of the things you’ll encounter if you use a printer at work or at home. There are still many things that you would experience as you go along the way, so you should know what to do when you encounter something like this. To prevent such things from happening, you can talk to the nearest technician in your area or contact the customer service of your service provider. This way, they can also give you in-depth instructions on how you should go about solving problems when you encounter these kinds of situations or tell you what other troubles you might end up facing in the future as you use the device in the long run.

Printer or Copier

A device used in producing hard copies of your documents, whether at home or at work.

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